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How to change the Checklist app settings

You can change the app settings from the Settings screen. From the Dashboard, click on Settings (found at the bottom under your checklists) to open the Settings screen:

The following settings are available:

Default Notification time

This is used in the following situations:
  • Daily reminder time
  • Reminder time when using the quick reminders: Today, Tomorrow, Next week
Click on the time to get the time picker and set the time. The default is 09:00 in the morning.

Daily reminder

If you wish to receive a daily reminder to open the app and review your checklists, set this option. You will receive a notification each day at the time set for "Default notification time"

Disable Email reminder

Set this option if you only wish to receive reminders on the device. This will disable our system from sending you email reminders.

Show subtasks on checklist page

Setting this on will show on checklist (and task) screens the tasks as well as their sub tasks. Only one level deep is shown.

Note: turning this feature on disables Drag and Drop for manual ordering of tasks.

Swipe to delete

This feature is enabled by default. Some users have asked us to add this settings as they were afraid to accidentally delete tasks.

Note: we always ask for a confirmation before deleting tasks or checklists that have sub tasks.

Advanced mode

This controls the action menu for checklists and tasks. Initially, as you get aqcuainted with the app, Advanced mode is turned off. Feel free to turn it on once you are comfortable to explore and use Checklist to its fullest!


From this menu you can change the language the checklist app uses. 

We keep adding more languages so please contact us if you wish to help us translate the app into your language.


Our app supports 6 different color themes. Choose your favorite.


We love to hear from you. Whether you love Checklist as is, have an issue or simply want to suggest a feature. We do our best to continue and innovate and offer the best Checklist app we can.


Use this screen to manage your checklist contacts.


In case you need to log out.


This will open the Frequently Asked Questions (this help section).

Reset tutorial

If you wish to reset the tutorial, select this option. It will:
  • Add the Tutorial Checklist
  • Reset the hints throughout the app

Happy settings!

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