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How to Sort & Filter your tasks

Your tasks are automatically added to the top of the list. You can sort them manually by long pressing a task, dragging and dropping onto a new position. You can also have the app automatically sort & filter tasks for you. From the checklist action menu, select "Sort & Filter" to get the popup:

You can select from the following sort options:
  • Manually. As described above via drag-n-drop
  • Alphabetically. The tasks will be automatically sorted alphabetically (case insensitive)
  • Importance. Important tasks will be shown first
  • Due date. Tasks will be sorted based on their due date starting with the earlier dates to the latest. Tasks with no due date will be shown last
  • Created. Tasks will be sorted according to their creation date (from first to last)
Note: other than for manual sorting, the app does not actually change the order of the tasks. As soon as you switch back to manual, the tasks will be back in the order you have set them manually.

Completed Tasks

You can set completed tasks to:
  • Move to End. Every time you mark a task as completed it will be moved to the end of the list. Note: tasks that have been marked as completed prior to this setting will not move to the end. 
  • Hide. This will filter out tasks that have been marked as completed. De-selecting this option will show them again. The tasks are not actually deleted but simply hidden.

Remove completed tasks

If you wish to remove all tasks marked as completed, you can select this option from the Checklist action menu. Confirm the action and the tasks will be deleted from your list.

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