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Managing Your Teams

Managing Your Teams

Each Organization can have one or more teams. This allows you to divide your organization into departments, units etc. If you work alone, you can create a Personal team (or a similar name). A team can have: members, templates and checklists.

For our hotel example, we can have the following teams: Front desk, Housekeeping, Marketing & Finance.

How to Add a team

Adding a team is simple: go to your organization page (from the top right menu select Organization) and click on the plus (+) sign next to New Team:

Give your team a name and hit Add.

How to manage your teams

To manage your teams, click on the Organization option from the top right menu:

You can edit your team name by clicking on the pencil icon next to the team name. You can also click on:

  • Team name to view its runnable templates
  • Templates to view the team templates
  • Members to view and manage the team members

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