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Run a Checklist

Run a Checklist

Any checklist you have can be used as a template. How?

  • click on the Run menu for the checklist (top right menu)
  • the run dialog will open with a default name which is made of your checklist name and the current date and time
  • (optionally) make changes to the name
  • click Run
  • a "Playable" checklist will be created and opened for you

What's the advantage? A playable checklist is a simple version of your checklist where all you can do is mark tasks as completed. The list is displayed on one screen (including sub-tasks) and you can easily go task by task and check-off tasks. You can even add notes.

Running your checklists is useful when you want to repeatedly use the same checklist. Example can be packing, daily routine, cleaning etc.

Note: a free Checklist account and an internet connection is required to run a checklist. Once created, the checklist can be played offline as well.

Read more: The Checklist Player for Android

Note: To enjoy the full features of running a checklist (e.g. assigning, reminders, scheduled running) try Checklist Pro.

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