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Lost or missing checklists?

Thank you for using Checklist. In the past year we have been working on our next generation platform. We have started rolling it out at the end of 2021. Since then, we have been asking people to migrate to the new platform with messages on the website, apps and email reminders. Almost all users have done so successfully. 

Unfortunately, some users have not tried to migrate. At the start of June 2022, we have taken the old platform offline. We are a small company and cannot simply keep two platforms online for so long. We need to focus on maintaining and further developing Checklist. We hope you understand.

If you are an Android user of our OLD platform and have recently upgraded and do not see your Checklists:

The new app will be looking for any old checklists and will prompt you to migrate them to the new platform. You should see a Migrate Checklists button at the top of the Dashboard or the list of Checklists. Click it to migrate and you will have your checklists in the new platform. Do NOT uninstall or log out before migrating as your checklists will be lost forever (they are solely on YOUR device).

Unfortunately, beyond this there is nothing else we can do as we do not have copies of your account of the old platform. We are really sorry if you are in that situation. We have done our best to notify you well in advance. This is the main reason why we ask people to register with their app and keep their account logged in (so we can back up your checklists).

We hope that after serving you for so many years you will try out our new platform. If you have any feedback on Checklist, do let us know.

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