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How to create a sub-task

If you want to place the task under a different task (sub-task) simply drag its handler (the line with the 3 dots on it on the left of the check box) to the right and drop it. You will see how it becomes a sub tasks as it is indented to the right.

You can have as many sub-levels as you like but we recommend not using more than 3-4 sub-levels as it makes it difficult to work with (especially on mobile devices).

Sub tasks are a great way to break down a complex project or task into smaller bits. E.g. the task: Find a moving company can be broken into:
  • Do an internet search for moving companies
  • Send your request to 3-5 companies
  • Evaluate each company
The last task can be further broken into the actual criteria you are going to evaluate the company on.

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