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How to publish your public profile on

Your public profile is where you can let the world know about yourself. Show off your expertise! Create a public profile on and publish checklists demonstrating your knowledge! Help others get things done!

Note that you can also use your public profile to promote your business. This is a free service.

To update your public profile
  • Select "Public Profile" from the top right account menu
  • If you have not done so already, you will have to select your screen name. Ensure this is the correct name you wish to use as it cannot be changed later
  • You will see the public profile edit page
  • Update your details:
  • Upload an image (picture or logo)
  • Write a description of yourself or your company
  • Enter your location (this can be approximate e.g. city)
  • Enter a link to your website
  • Link to your Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn account
  • Click Save
If you wish to hide your profile, simply check the box next to "Hide". You can always un-check it to have it visible again

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