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How to publish your checklist has thousands of pre-made checklist templates to help users kick-start their next project. Why not share your expertise with the community? Just publish your checklist once it is ready.

To publish a checklist:
  • Select the checklist from the left column (or click on the checklist name in the middle column)
  • Click "Publish Your Checklist" from the right column. Note that you cannot re-publish checklists you got from others
  • The publish screen will be loaded in the middle column
  • Enter an excerpt. This is a summary introducing this checklist. Here you can say who is this checklist is targeted at what can be done with it
  • Enter tips. Here you can add additional tips on getting the objective done
  • Enter tags. These are keywords or categories under which users will be able to easily find your checklist
  • Select the checklist language
  • Click on publish
You can see your channel using the link provided. Your checklist should be listed once you have published it.

Note that your published checklists must adhere to our terms. This is to protect the community and respect copyright material. Abusers will be banned from using our platform and their checklists removed. Please respect the community.

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