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How to set a due date and a reminder

We all run a tight agenda and some tasks (or checklists) will have a due date.

To set a due date:
  • Select the task (or checklist) from the middle column
  • Click on Due Date Set from the right column
  • The date / time picker will open
  • Select the date and time for your due date
  • Click Set when ready
  • If you wish to clear your due date click on Clear
When you add a due date to a task (or checklist) a reminder is automatically created for you. You can also set this reminder to "wake up" before the actual due date. E.g. if you have to finish a task by Aug 5, you might want a reminder 3 days beforehand. 

To change the reminder:
  • Click on the Reminder Set icon on the right column
  • Select minutes/ hours/ days from the drop down
  • Enter the period (e.g. 5)
  • Click Set
  • If you wish to remove the reminder (and still keep the due date) click on the Clear button

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