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How to set a repeating task (or checklist)

Sometimes you wish to have a task repeat itself. Examples can be:
  • Check all invoices have been paid weekly
  • Buy groceries daily
  • Water the plants on Tuesdays and Fridays
You can set repeat reminders for tasks and have Checklist send you a reminder.

To set a repeat reminder:
  • Select the task (or checklist) from the middle column
  • Click on Repeating Add on the right column
  • The Repeating picker opens
  • Select: daily/ weekly/ monthly from the drop down
  • For daily reminders: select the time of day at which you wish to be reminded
  • For weekly reminders: select the days of the week to be reminded
  • For monthly reminders: select the day of the month (avoid selecting days > 28 as some months miss them)
  • For annual reminders: select the date (day & month).
  • Click Set to set your reminder
  • Click Clear to remove the current reminder
We will send you a reminder on a regular basis. You can always remove the reminder if you no longer wish to receive it.

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