How to use a checklist template has thousands of checklist templates available for you to get a quick-start on the task at hand.

Here is how you can browse and use thousands of free checklist templates:
  • Follow the instruction to create a new checklist
  • On the popup, instead of entering a checklist name, click Templates
  • You will now see the checklist templates browsing page:

  • Start typing the name of template you wish to search for and wait for the drop down to matching templates. In the above example, you can see the results for searching for "baby"
  • Click on the template you wish to view. In our example, we clicked on "Baby Checklist":

You can view the template and choose from the following:
  • Click on a task to view any sub tasks or notes. In the above example, you can click on Feeding.
  • If you wish to start using the template, click on 'Save'. This will make a copy of the checklist template in your account and open it in the app.
  • Hit Back if you prefer to continue the search for another template

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