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The checklist / task menu

You can perform actions on checklists from the Checklist menu on the top right of the screen (the 3 vertical dots). Actions on individual tasks can be performed from the task context menu to the right of each task. Clicking on either menu button will open the menu. When you start using the app, only a limited menu will be shown:

Once you get more familiar with the app, click on the Advanced option from the menu and the app will show you from now on the full menu:

Tip: Switching between basic and advanced mode is always possible from the Settings screen.

Depending on the checklist/ task, the menu has the follow action available:
  • Edit. Edit the checklist/ task name
  • Notes. Add / Edit task notes
  • Delete. Delete the task. If the task has sub-tasks, you will be prompted to confirm. After delete is completed, a short notification toast will be shown at the bottom of the screen with an UNDO option. 
  • Important. Marks the task as important. This can be handy in two ways: Important tasks have the red icon on them and are shown on the smart list for Important tasks.
  • Reminder. Opens the Reminder popup so you can add a reminder to the task.
  • Multi. Need to perform an action on multiple tasks? E.g mark a few as important. Use this to open the Multi screen.
  • Share. Allows you to share the checklist with friends, family or colleagues. If the checklist is already shared, opens the Assign popup which let's you assign the specific task.
  • Send to. Let's you send the checklist/ task to another app (Android Share). This can be Facebook, Twitter, Email or any other app that is supported on your device 
  • Attach. Let's you add an attachment (image/ pdf) to the task. 
  • Duplicate. Makes a copy of the checklist/ task. The new task keeps the same name and is placed right under the original.
  • Move. Let's you move the checklist (and any sub tasks). The destination can be either in the same checklist, a new checklist or another.
  • Sort & Filter. Opens the popup which allows you to set the sort order and how to handle completed tasks.
  • Remove completed. Removes from the list any tasks you have marked as completed (checked).
There are three more actions that you can perform directly on the checklist/ task:
  • Click on the check on the right to toggle its status: open/ completed
  • Long press the task and then drag it up or down to change it position (order)
  • Swipe left/ right. Deletes the task
Did you know that you can perform multiple actions on tasks or checklists?

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