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How to send your checklist/ task to another app

If you wish to send your checklist or task to another application on your device, follow these simple steps:
  • On the checklist/ task you wish to send, click on the actions menu (the 3 vertical dots) button.
  • Click on the "Send to" icon
  • The app will show the Send to app selection popup:

  • Select the app you wish to use. In the following example we chose Gmail:

Choose the recepient(s) and click Send. Voila!

Use this feature to share with others what you are working on:
  • Post to Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Email your checklist to others
  • Or use any other app that your device supports
Hint: You can also send from another app TO Checklist app. The data you send to Checklist will be added as a task to your Inbox checklist. If you do not have an Inbox checklist, one will be created for you.

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