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How to share a checklist with contacts

The Checklist app allows you to share your workload with friends, family and co-workers. Sharing is not just about sending your checklist to someone but is about collaborating with them. They will have full access to the checklist and you can each assign specific tasks to the team members who share the checklist. Checklists can only be shared with your approved Checklist contacts. 

Note: Sharing is done on a checklist level. You cannot share a single task by itself.  

 Sharing a checklist can be done as follows:

  • Click on the action menu button (the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen)
  • Click on the Share button (the face icon). The Assign popup will open:

Since you have not shared this checklist with anyone, only "Me" will be shown. 
  • Click on + INVITE to add a new contact and get the Invite Contact screen:

The app will show your existing Checklist contacts (Mr. Checklist in the example above) followed by other contacts found on your device (if you have enabled access to your contacts). Only contacts with an email address will be shown as the invitation is done via email.

Note: beyond showing your device contacts on this screen we do not use them in any way whatsover. Your privacy is important for us!

You can now do one of the following:
  • click on a Checklist contact to add them to the checklist
  • click on a device contact to invite them and add them to the checklist. An invitation email will be sent to their email address. 
  • start typing an email address in the text area. This will filter your contacts as you type. As soon as you type a valid email address, you can click on the ORANGE + icon and an invitation to this contact will be sent
  • click on the back arrow to cancel the invitation
Once you have invited a contact (as shown above), the app will return to the checklist:

Notice that the checklist now has the letter "Me" next to each task. This denotes you as the Assignee of the task. Once your contact has approved your request (if not already an active contact), you can click on the "Me" to get the Assign popup (an alternative is to choose again Share from the action menu):

Note that Mr. Checklist has approved me as a contact and can now be assigned tasks by clicking on the name or the radio button next. The popup will close and the task will show the initials or personal avatar. In the example below the blue check icon is Mr. Checklist's icon.

You can now go ahead and invite more contacts and assign them tasks! Share your workload.

Stop sharing a Checklist

If you wish to remove a contact, click on the Assign icon or Share menu to get the Assign popup. Click on Manage to get the Share Checklist screen:

All contacts with whom you have shared the checklist with will be shown. Click on the orange X to remove a contact.

Contacts who delete the checklist will remove themselves from the checklist but the checklist will not be deleted. 

Contact Status

You cannot assign tasks to contacts who have not yet confirmed your request. If for some reason they take too long, simply contact them directly and ask them accept the request. If they cannot find the invitation email, ask them to register on using the same email address you used to invite them. 

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