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How to manage your contacts

The Checklist app allows you to share and collaborate with your friends, family and co-workers. You can easily invite new contacts and manage your existing contacts from the My Contacts screen. You can reach this screen from the Settings page:

On the "My Contacts" screen you will see (top to bottom):
  • Back button to return to the Settings page
  • Name or email  text box (see below)
  • First will be shown your Checklist contacts. They will have a blue checklist icon on their right. You can click the X button to remove them from your contacts. If a contact is pending approval it will be noted. If you need to approve a contact, please click on it to approve. Otherwise, click on the X to remove them.
  • Next will be shown your device contacts which have an email address. Since checklist invitations are sent via email, we do not show other contacts. 
Note: beyond showing your device contacts on this screen we do not use them in any other way whatsover. Your privacy is VERY important to us! 

Inviting a new contact

To invite a new contact you can:
  • Device contacts. click on their name and an invitation will be sent.
  • Other contacts. You can start typing the contact email address. Once the email address you entered is valid, click the Orange + sign and an invitation will be sent.
 Before the invitation is sent, a confirmation popup is shown:

Reminding pending contacts

If a pending contact has not reacted on your invitation, you can click on them to send them a reminder. Please use this with caution to avoid spam. In any case, we will not send more than one reminder. 

If for some reason they take too long, simply contact them directly and ask them accept the request. If they cannot find the invitation email, ask them to register on using the same email address you used to invite them. 

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