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How to perform actions on checklists or tasks

Did you know that you can perform multiple actions on tasks or checklists?

Each checklist or task has an actions menu to its right denoted by 3 vertical dots. Clicking on it opens the actions menu which allows you to:
  • Edit checklist/task name (pencil)
  • Mark as important
  • Send to Facebook, Twitter, Email or any other app that is supported on your device 
  • Assign to a contact
  • Set Reminders or repeating schedule
  • Add notes
  • Delete
Note: the actions menu is available from the task list itself or at the top of a checklist / task page.

There are three more actions that you can perform directly on the checklist/ task:
  • click on the check on the right to toggle open/ completed status
  • long press the task and them drag it up or down to change it position

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