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How to set a task repeat reminder

You can set a repeat reminder for a task or a checklist. This is useful when a task is due repeatedly (e.g. daily). To set a repeat reminder:
  1. Click on the actions menu (3 vertical dots ) button
  2. Click on the reminder button (the clock)
  3. On the Reminder page select from the Repeat section the reminder type: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  4. For Daily reminders: select the notification time or leave the default
  5. For Weekly reminders: select 1 or more days of the week on which you wish to receive a reminder
  6. For Monthly reminders: select 1 day of the month on which to receive the reminder. Note that you cannot select days 29-30 since they do not happen on all months of the year
  7. For Annual reminders: select the day and month on which to receive the reminder.
To remove a repeat reminder simply select the None option.

Note: for Weekly, Monthly and Annual reminders, you can set the default time of day via the Settings page.

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