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Mail to Checklist

You can easily convert emails into ToDos. Just forward any email to We will automatically import the email into your "Inbox" checklist (if you do not have one, we will create one for you). You can then drag-and-drop it to a different checklist or simply leave it in the inbox.

Please note:
  • The subject of the email will be the name of the task
  • The body of the email will be converted into the task notes. We support both text and html emails (for the latter, the html will be converted into text). 
  • Make sure you email FROM the same email address as you are registered for on your Checklist account
Here are a few examples when this is productive:
  • Too many emails in your inbox? Turn them into tasks for later
  • When an email needs to be dealt with in the future? Convert it into a task and set a reminder
  • Reading an article on your tablet and want to take action later? Forward the link to your Inbox.

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