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How to import / sync with Google Tasks

If you are a Google Tasks user and wish to migrate your tasks into Checklist, you can do that with One Click:

  • Visit our Google Import Tool
  • If you have not already linked to your Checklist account to your Google account, please click on the Google button on the login page and authorized our platform to access your Google Tasks
  • The tool automatically importas your Google Tasks in your Checklist account.
  • Once the import is completed (usually takes 2 seconds), you will be redirected to your account where you can see your imported checklists
The following are imported:
  • All your lists
  • All sub tasks
  • All due dates / times
  • Up to 100 tasks per checklist
  • The tools works one-way: from Google Tasks to Checklist. We do not synchronize back to Google Tasks
  • Importing is limited to 100 tasks per checklist. We found this number to be sufficient for most users. If you require more, please do contact us
  • Executing an import several times will create duplicate checklists on your Checklist account.

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