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ZipList Replacement is here

Are you looking for a replacement to ZipList? Our ZipList import tool is based on the ZipList export functionality. Since ZipList is closing on 10 December 2014, you should hurry up and export your account.

Here is the full processing of Exporting your account from ZipList and importing it to Checklist:
  • Head to ZipList Export  page and follow their instructions.
  • Within half an hour, you should receive from ZipList a confirmation email with a link to your exported files
  • Visit our ZipList Import Tool page where you will find a link to our Import tool
  • Login to your Checklist account (if you do not already have one, do register - it is FREE)
  • On the tool's page you will find a text box into which you should paste the link you received from ZipList
  • Check the box if you want to automatically publish your Recipes and share them with our community
  • Hit the IMPORT button and let us do the rest!
  • Once your import is completed, you will receive from us a confirmation email and voila, you can visit your account and review your imported lists.
A note about published recipes: We are building the world's largest database of recipes with hundreds of thousands of recipes. Share your culinary expertise with others and publish your recipes. Once published, you can easily share them with friends, family and colleagues.

We are adding more and more features to better serve ex-users of ZipList. So please share your feedback and help us build a better Checklist! We hope you will find Checklist as a good ZipList replacement.

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