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Using the Checklist Bookmarklet

Your Checklists are a great place to keep web pages you need to come back to later. For this purpose, we have developed the Checklist Bookmarklet. With it, as you browse the internet, you can easily add pages to your checklists. Our Universal Checklist button can be used across all modern browsers and is very easy to use. Here's how:

  • Visit the Checklist Bookmarklet page
  • Drag the Orange button to your browser bookmarks (favorites) bar. That's it! The Bookmarklet is installed (look for the button with '+Checklist' on it)
  • Note: if the bar is not visible on your browser, from the menu select View -> Show Bookmarks
  • While visiting any page you wish to add to a checklist, click on the +Checklist button on your browser
  • A small popup with the page info is displayed in the top right part of the screen
  • You can now add/ update:
  • The title of the page
  • Any notes you wish to associate with the page
  • Select any of the images found on the page. The image will later be displayed on your checklist
  • Select which checklist you wish to add the page to.
  • After you click on the Add button, the page will be added to the Checklist and you will be able to view it from your Checklist apps (mobile or web)

Here are some examples when the checklist bookmarklet may be useful to you:
  • Shopping list
  • Trip Planning. Add all the places you wish to visit to a dedicate checklist. Share it with your co-travellers or friends for feedback
  • Birthday list. Keep track of ideas for your (or others) upcoming birthday
  • Wish list/ Bucket list - so many things to do. So little time

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