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How to reset a checklist on your Android app

Do you need to quickly reset your checklist on your Checklist Android app? You can check (mark as completed) or un-check (mark as open) the complete list. This will set all sub tasks to the same status as the checklist. Checking the list can be done from either:
  • The Dashboard. Check the checkbox next to the checklist name
  • The Checklist. Check the checkbox next to the checklist name (that is the top task with the color background)

Use case

So when would you do this? Here are a couple of examples:
  • A daily checklist you use when starting your day called "Daily chores". Every morning you wish to remove all the checks of the previous day and start fresh.
  • Inspection checklist. If you are using a checklist for an inspection process (or audit) you can clear it at the start of each inspection. Note: If you wish to keep track of the inspection results, you should use our Checklist Player.

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