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The Dashboard & Smart lists

The Dashboard is the main (or top) part of our Checklist app. From it you can view the smart lists and navigate to your checklists. In addition, you can use the Dashboard to navigate to the Settings page. There are several way to bring up the Dashboard:
  • Click on the Hamburger icon (the 3 horizontal lines) on the top left of the screen. If the Hamburger is missing and a Back arrow is present, click on it repeatedly until the Hamburger is shown.
  • A quick link to the Dashboard is to swip the screen all the way from the left to the right and see it open. This can be done from any checklist/ task/ subtask page. 
The Dashboard opens:

To close the Dashboard, swipe it back to the left. On wider devices, you can also click on the grayed-out area on the left of the screen.

The Dashboard

The Checklist Dashboard consists of the following parts:
  • 4 Smart lists (see below). If a smart list is empty, it will not be shown on the Dashboard. E.g. if you have no tasks marked as important the Important line will be hidden. This provides a cleaner interface.
  • Any app notifications. E.g. Login expired or Contact request pending. Click on the notification to handle it.
  • Your checklists. One checklist per row. Each checklist acts just like a task. i.e. it has the same checkbox, name, notes, icons and menu. See the checklist menu for more.
  • Settings. Click on this link to review and change the app settings
  • Help. A quick link to this help section.

Smart lists

There are 4 smart lists at the top of the Dashboard:
  1. Important: all tasks that are marked as important
  2. Today & Overdue: tasks that are due today (or are overdue) and have not been marked as completed
  3. This week: tasks that are due this week amd have not been marked as completed
  4. Recently viewed: a list of the last 20 tasks you have viewed. This allows you to quickly get to a recent task
Each smart list (except for the Recently viewed) has a counter next to it. Clicking on the list will take you to the smart list screen. You can then click on the specific checklist/ task and further work with it. Below is an example smart list for Important tasks:

Note: Lists that are empty will not be shown on the Dashboard.

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